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Tacita Dean on Film as Film

Tacita Dean on Film as Film

“It feels apposite that the writings of Gregory Markopoulos be published now at a time when the very existence of film is so threatened. Nothing more should be needed as a convincing argument that film is still the important, autogenic magical medium for filmmakers today, as it was for Markopoulos, than his text Correspondences of Smell and Visuals. Here one bears witness to the exuberance of a work and a process in the making, brought about, as so often is the case, by both the glories and internal rigours of the medium of film itself. Exciting, too, to feel the fire in his writing, and experience through it a contemporary account of the establishment of the New American Cinema.”
—– Tacita Dean

Events in Sep-Oct 2014

The Visible Press is pleased to announce the following events to celebrate the publication of Film as Film: The Collected Works of Gregory J. Markopoulos. The opening series of screenings on the US East Coast in September & October 2014 provide an opportunity to view most of Markopoulos’ American films, plus those made soon after his move to Europe, and sections of his final work Eniaios. Full details are available on the Events calendar.

Mon 8 Sep – NYC Anthology Film Archives
A Christmas Carol / Du sang de la volupté et de la mort / Christmas USA

Tue 9 Sep – NYC Anthology Film Archives
Sorrows / The Mysteries
Wed 10 Sep – Anthology Film Archives
Bliss / Gammelion
Thur 11 Sep – New Haven Yale University
Christmas USA / Eros, O Basileus / Listening to the Space in My Room (Beavers)
Sat 13 Sep – NYC Anthology Film Archives
Genius (Introduced by P. Adams Sitney)
Tue 16 Sep – NYC Light Industry
Wed 17 Sep – Philadelphia International House
The Illiac Passion
Fri 19 Sep – Cambridge Harvard Film Archive
Bliss / Gammelion / panel discussion (Sitney, Beavers, Webber)
Sat 20 Sep – Cambridge Harvard Film Archive
Himself as Herself / The Dead Ones / Through a Lens Brightly: Mark Turbyfill
Sun 21 Sep – Cambridge Harvard Film Archive
Galaxie (Introduced by Roy Grundmann)
Mon 22 Sep – Cambridge Harvard Film Archive
A Christmas Carol / Du sang de la volupté et de la mort / Christmas USA
Sun 28 Sep – Hudson Basilica
Twice a Man / Through a Lens Brightly: Mark Turbyfill / Ming Green

Sun 28 Sep – Cambridge Harvard Film Archive
Genius / Gilbert and George

Mon 29 Sep – NYC The Kitchen
Discussion of Markopoulos’ Writing / Bliss (Eniaios version)
Mon 6 Oct – Cambridge Harvard Film Archive
Hagiographia II
Robert Beavers and Mark Webber will be present to introduce most of the screenings. Other guests will appear at selected events. Film as Film will be on sale at most venues priced $30.
Coming Soon

9 Oct – Gent University / Courtisane – Mark Webber lecture
10-14 Oct  – Brussels Cinematek – 4 programme retrospective
31 Oct – London Tate Modern – Psyche / Bliss / Gammelion
19-24 Nov – Vienna Filmmuseum – 10 programme retrospective
10 Dec – Paris Centre Pompidou – Du sang de la volupté et de la mort

Further events to be announced

Markopoulos Biography

Gregory J. Markopoulos is acknowledged as one of the pioneers of independent filmmaking. Born in Toledo, Ohio, in 1928, he became a key figure in the New York avant-garde film scene of the 1950s and 60s, co-founding the New American Cinema Group alongside Jonas Mekas, Robert Frank, Peter Bogdanovich and others. Markopoulos’ films, which often translated literary or mythological sources to a contemporary context, are celebrated for their extraordinary creativity, the sensuous use of colour and innovations in cinematic form. His many film portraits feature significant figures in the arts such as David Hockney, Rudolph Nureyev, Leonor Fini, Alberto Moravia, Gilbert and George, Susan Sontag, Giorgio de Chirico, Paul Thek and W.H. Auden. At the end of the 1960s, he left the USA for Europe and began to withdraw his work – including the landmark films Psyche (1947), Twice a Man (1963), Galaxie (1966) and The Illiac Passion (1967) – from circulation. He ultimately re-edited his entire output into the 80-hour epic Eniaios (1947-91), which remained unprinted during his lifetime. Following the death of Markopoulos in 1992, his work has slowly returned to the public arena through events with institutions including the American Museum of the Moving Image, Pacific Film Archive, New York Film Festival and Documenta 12. The Whitney Museum presented a complete retrospective in 1996. Since 2004, premieres of the restored units of Eniaios have taken place every four years at a site in rural Arcadia that was chosen by the filmmaker. These unique events have been reviewed in Artforum, Frieze, Film Comment and other important periodicals. Texts by Markopoulos, which were originally printed in journals such as Film Culture, Filmcritica and Cantrills Filmnotes, or gathered in self-published anthologies and limited edition brochures, are now being made available again in Film as Film: The Collected Writings of Gregory J. Markopoulos.

“Film as Film”

Film as Film: The Collected Writings of Gregory J. Markopoulos
Edited by Mark Webber, with a foreword by P. Adams Sitney
The Visible Press, September 2014

Film as Film: The Collected Writings of Gregory J. Markopoulos contains some ninety out-of-print or previously unavailable articles by the Greek-American filmmaker who, as a contemporary of Kenneth Anger, Stan Brakhage and Andy Warhol, was at the forefront of a movement that established a truly independent form of cinema. Beginning with his early writings on the American avant-garde and auteurs such as Dreyer, Bresson and Mizoguchi, it also features numerous essays on Markopoulos’ own practice, and on films by Robert Beavers, that were circulated only in journals, self-published editions or programme notes. The texts become increasingly metaphysical and poetic as the filmmaker pursued his ideal of Temenos, an archive and screening space to be located at a remote site in the Peloponnese where his epic final work could be viewed in harmony with the Greek landscape. Gregory J. Markopoulos (1928-1992) is a unique figure in film history, whose life’s work stands in testament to his strength of vision and commitment to the medium.

Film as Film cover

ISBN: 978-0-9928377-0-9
Order now direct from The Visible Press

220 x 141 x 35 mm
560 pages, including 16pp of colour images

Square-backed case, debossed front cover
Ribbon marker, head and tail bands
Individually shrinkwrapped

Please note: This edition of Film as Film is now in short supply. Less than 50 copies remain in stock.

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Table of Contents

Film as Film: The Collected Writings of Gregory J. Markopoulos
Edited by Mark Webber
The Visible Press, 2014

Film as Film: An Introduction, Mark Webber

Markopoulos Writings, P. Adams Sitney

I: Cinema, The Ideal (An Exposition)
The Responsibility of the Cinema in Our Age, c.1955
Cinema The Ideal, 1960
Sto Palikari, 1968
Towards a Constructive Complex in Projection, 1968
A Supreme Art in a Dark Age, 1971
Dante Present, 1971
Inherent Limitations, 1966
The Pyramid of Sight, 1986
The Intuition Space, 1973

II: Avant-Garde Chronicle (On Films & Filmmakers)
A Part of the Alphabet, 1961
Overtime, 1961
Avant-Garde Chronicle, 1963
Projection of Thoughts, 1964
Judgement Through Bad Conscience, 1965
What Are You Ready For?, 1965
Institutions Customs Landscapes, 1966
The Golden Poet, 1962
Scorpio Rising, 1963
Innocent Revels, 1964
Three Filmmakers, 1964
Stille Nacht, 1961
Jean Genet’s Only Film: Un chant d’amour, 1961
Film of the Absurd, 1962
Negatives, 1968
Robert Bresson: A Brief Survey, 1962
The Marvels and Lamentations of Mizoguchi, 1968

III: Disclosed Knowledge (On Markopoulos)
L’Arbre aux champignons, 1950
Psyche’s Search for the Herb of Invulnerability, 1955
A Note for Hans Van Manen, 1971
Bruised by the Critics, 1966
Whither Motion Pictures, 1985
From Fanshawe to Swain, 1966
Statement Concerning Cinema, 1963
Towards a New Narrative Film Form, 1963
Twice a Man Statement, 1965
The Driving Rhythm, 1966
Twice a Man, Three Time Prize Winner, 1966
Galaxie, 1966
The Filmmaker as Physician of the Future. 1967
A Note (for Jean-Paul Vroom), 1971
The Divine Attributes, 1970
Correspondences of Smell and Visuals, 1967
Towards a New Sound Complement for Motion Pictures, 1967
Adventures with Bliss in Roma, 1967
The Adamantine Bridge, 1968
Disclosed Knowledge, 1970
Rebus, 1970
The Redeeming of the Contrary, 1971
The Celestial Inheritance, 1971

IV: The Threshold of the Frame (On Robert Beavers)
10th of July, 1967
The Siege of Bruxelles, 1968
Circumbendibus Notes, 1968
“And I Shall Pull Things From the Stars”, 1972
From First Creative Steps Forward, 1971
The Language of Diamonds, 1970
Love’s Task, 1971
In Other Words It Is His Tongue, 1971
Art Is Not Knowledge, 1973
The Threshold of the Frame, 1974
Clarity Upon Clarity Through Reflection, 1974
The Gathering of Perception and Judgement, 1974
Erb and Tree, 1975
Πνοιη (Pnoee), 1976

V: Towards a Temenos (On Temenos)
Formal Account, 1970
Towards a Temenos, 1970
A Solemn Pause, 1971
The Filmmaker’s Perception in Contemplation, 1972
The Complex Illusion, 1972
Element of the Void, 1972
Towards a Complete Order, 1974
The Usury of the Creative Soul, 1976
Ηρακλής (Heracles), 1978
Εικόνες Αυτών (Ikones Auton), 1979
Προνώπιον (Pronopion), 1980
Ένθεος (Entheos), 1980
Aei!, 1981
Mosholibano, 1981
The Silk Road, 1982
The Ancient Future, 1983
Proposal to the Architect of the Temenos, 1984
The High Tableland, 1984
Ανάλαμψις (Analampsis), 1985
Message for D. W. Griffith, 1985
Hues Point, 1985
Αεί Καλόν (Aei Kalon A), 1985
Αεί Καλόν (Aei Kalon B), 1985
The Amygdaline Grove, 1986
The Bread of Angels, 1987
Unification of the Frame, 1990
The Future of the Temenos and its Boundaries, 1992
Ακρόπολης γης (Acropolis Gis), 1992

16 pages of colour and black & white images
including film stills, production photos and archive materials


Appendix I: Filmography of Gregory J. Markopoulos

Appendix II: Publications supervised by Gregory J. Markopoulos

Alphabetical Index of Titles