Film as Film: The Collected Writings of Gregory J. Markopoulos
Edited by Mark Webber
The Visible Press, 2014

“This collection of writings by a key figure of the New American Cinema complements, illuminates and extends an incomparable body of work. Equal parts theory, criticism and mythical prose, the texts reflect the charisma and originality of its author – and his enduring romanticism. Brandished by the same absolutes and passion that fuel his films, Film as Film is a seminal addition to film scholarship and film history, and includes some of the most original writing on the art of cinema, not unlike that of Jean Cocteau and Pier Paolo Pasolini.”
—– Andréa Picard, Toronto International Film Festival

“For the first time the full depths of Gregory Markopoulos’ rigorous imagination can be fathomed, thanks to this marvellous anthology compiled by Mark Webber. Film as Film is an indispensable companion to Markopoulos’ unique cinema and a fascinating chronicle of his probing thoughts on filmmaking and his herculean efforts to realise the uncompromising, monumental dream of the eighty hour long Eniaios cycle of films.”
—– Haden Guest, Harvard Film Archive

“Gregory J. Markopoulos, one of the great visionary filmmakers of the 20th century, was an equally insightful writer on film aesthetics, theory, and criticism. This much anticipated volume of his collected writings is essential reading, offering easy entry into the mind of a poet and leading advocate for the creative potential of the filmic medium. Markopoulos’ call for an ideal cinema is one that remains highly relevant to us today, giving us direction and inspiration.”
—– Susan Oxtoby, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive