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Lis Rhodes: Telling Invents Told

The Visible Press is pleased to announce our new book Telling Invents Told by British artist and filmmaker Lis Rhodes.

Telling Invents Told is the first collection of writings by Lis Rhodes. It includes the influential essay Whose History? alongside texts from works such as Light Reading, Pictures on Pink Paper and A Cold Draft, together with new and previously unpublished materials. Since the 1970s, Rhodes has been making radical and experimental work that challenges hegemonic narratives and the power structures of language. Her writing addresses urgent political issues – from the refugee crisis to workers’ rights, police brutality, racial discrimination and homelessness – as well as film history and theory, from a feminist perspective. An important figure at the London Film-Makers’ Co-operative, Rhodes was also a founding member of Circles, the first British distributor of film, video and performance by women artists.

Lis Rhodes’ early films and expanded cinema works include Dresden Dynamo (1971), Light Music (1975-77), and Light Reading (1978). These, and more recent works in video and digital, have featured in solo exhibitions at Tate Modern, the ICA, and are currently on display in the solo exhibition Dissident Lines at Nottingham Contemporary (25 May – 1 September 2019).

Telling Invents Told is edited by María Palacios Cruz, co-founder of The Visible Press and deputy director of LUX. Details of events that will celebrate its publication will be announced soon.

For more information, and to pre-order the book please see the product page in The Visible Press online shop.


Rhodes Filmography

Filmography of Lis Rhodes

Dresden Dynamo, 1971-72, 5 min
Amanuensis, 1973, 8 min
Rumour Shock for the Lab.R., 1974, circa 10 hours (with Ian Kerr)
Print Slip, 1975, 10 min
Rip It Up, 1975, 8 min
Light Music (No. 1 and No. 2), 1975, 14 min
Light Music, 1975-77, 25 min
Bwlhaictke, 1976, circa 18 hours (with Ian Kerr)
Cut A X, 1976, circa 18-20 hours (with Ian Kerr)
Notes from Light Music, 1976, 15 min
Notes from Light Music, 1976/2014, 12 min
Light Music, 1976, 25 min
Light Reading, 1978, 20 min
Pictures on Pink Paper, 1982, 35 min
Hang on a Minute, 1983-85, 13 × 1 min (with Jo Davis)
A Cold Draft, 1988, 28 min
Deadline, 1991, 28 min
Just About Now, 1993, 22 min
Running Light, 1996, 13 min
Orifso, 1999, 14 min
Riff, 2005, 18 min
STILL, 2008, 22 min
In the Kettle, 2010-12, 20 min
Dissonance and Disturbance, 2012, 27 min
Journal of Disbelief, 2000-16, 84 min
Ambiguous Journeys, 2019, 28 min

Lis Rhodes’ films and videos are distributed by LUX (London), Cinenova (London) and Lightcone (Paris).

Lis Rhodes Events

Lis Rhodes: Telling Invents Told

Lis Rhodes: Telling Invents Told will be celebrated at many events beginning in June 2019. This listing will be updated as events are confirmed.