Times Literary Supplement review


“Film as Film” reviewed in The Times Literary Supplement

The current issue of the Times Literary Supplement contains a full page review of “Film as Film” written by David Collard”. The article appears in the print edition dated 23 January 2015, and is only available to view online by subscribers.

“Markopoulos was a prolific if rather unpolished writer but this substantial volume, which is beautifully illustrated and impeccably edited, shows his writings are consistently absorbing. Although they tend increasingly towards the grandiose and metaphysical, they thankfully avoid the arid theoretical discourse that surrounds experimental film.”

Erratum: The opening paragraph contains a few factual errors. Markopoulos moved from the US to Europe in 1967-68 (not 1972), and it is not true that he refused to do interviews – many appeared in journals and newspapers, or on European radio and television broadcasts.