The Afterimage Bundle


The Afterimage Bundle includes our new book The Afterimage Reader plus four rare original issues of Afterimage.

The Afterimage Bundle – with original Afterimage magazines !!!

For a limited period while stocks last, The Afterimage Bundle contains our most recent book The Afterimage Reader plus four rare original issues of Afterimage.

The Afterimage Reader (2022) is an anthology of articles on radical cinema drawn from the pages of the independent British film journal Afterimage.

Afterimage No. 7
Hearing:Seeing (Summer 1978)
New narrative/sound and image issue featuring Straub/Huillet, Yvonne Rainer, Michael Snow, Paul Sharits, Deleuze/Godard, Peter Gidal

Afterimage Nos. 8/9 (Double Issue)
Beginning … and Beginning Again (Spring 1981)
Early cinema & the avant-garde issue, featuring Noël Burch, Hollis Frampton, Stuart Marshall, Rhodes/Farrer/Sherwin, Klaus Wyborny

Afterimage No. 10
Myths of Total Cinema (Autumn 1981)
Epstein/Ruiz special issue, featuring Jean Epstein, Raúl Ruiz, Eisenschitz/Gance, Hammond/Apollinaire

Afterimage No. 11
Sighting Snow (Winter 1982/83)
Michael Snow special issue, featuring Michael Snow, Nicky Hamlyn, R. Bruce Elder, Michael O’Pray, Jonathan Rosenbaum

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The Afterimage Reader
Edited by Mark Webber
The Visible Press, May 2022

The independent British film journal Afterimage published thirteen issues between 1970 and 1987. International in scope, it surveyed the many forms of radical cinema during an extraordinary period of film history. Having emerged in the wake of post-1968 cultural and political change, Afterimage charted contemporary developments with special issues on themes such as the avant-garde, Latin American cinema and visionary animation, and also looked back at early film pioneers. It published many of the leading critics of the period and vitally provided a forum for filmmakers’ writings and manifestos.

This indispensable collection includes texts by scholars Noël Burch, Roger Cardinal, B. Ruby Rich and Peter Wollen, filmmakers Jean Epstein, Jean-Luc Godard, Derek Jarman and Jan Švankmajer, plus extended interviews with Hollis Frampton and Raúl Ruiz, and more.

The Afterimage Reader is edited by Mark Webber and features new contributions from two of the journal’s editors, Simon Field and Ian Christie.

ISBN: 978-0-9928377-6-1

203 x 140 x 31 mm
352 pages, with b/w images throughout

Square-backed case
Ribbon marker, head and tail bands
Individually shrinkwrapped

Standard Price: £25

Afterimage No. 7
Hearing:Seeing (Summer 1978)

Simon Field – Editorial
Edward Bennett – The Films of Straub are not ‘Theoretical’
Martin Walsh – The Frontiers of Language: Straub/Huillet’s History Lessons
B. Ruby Rich – Kristina: For an Introduction
Yvonne Rainer – Kristina Talking Pictures
Michael Snow – Pages from “Rameau’s Nephew” by Diderot (Thanks to Dennis Young) by Wilma Schoen
Regina Cornwell – Plane Sound and Light Talk: “Hearing is Deceiving:” “Rameau’s Nephew” by Diderot (Thanks to Dennis Young) by Wilma Schoen by Michael Snow
Paul Sharits – Hearing:Seeing
Paul Sharits – Cinema as Cognition
Uncredited – On and Under Communication
Gilles Deleuze – Three Questions on Six fois deux: An Interview with Gilles Deleuze
Peter Gidal – Letter from Peter Gidal

Afterimage Nos. 8/9 (Double Issue)
Beginning … and Beginning Again (Spring 1981)

Simon Field – Editorial
Noël Burch – Charles Baudelaire versus Doctor Frankenstein
Noël Burch – How We Got Into Pictures: Notes Accompanying Correction Please
Paul Hammond – Georges, This is Charles
Rod Stoneman – Perspective Correction: Early Film to the Avant-Garde
Hollis Frampton – A Stipulation of Terms from Maternal Hopi
Stuart Marshall – Television/Video: Technology/Forms
Deke Dusinberre – See Real Images!
Ian Christie – Before and After Narrative: Klaus Wyborny
Klaus Wyborny – Random Notes on the Conventional Narrative Film
Ian Christie & Tony Rayns – Interview with Klaus Wyborny
Uncredited – Klaus Wyborny: Filmography

Afterimage No. 10
Myths of Total Cinema (Autumn 1981)

Ian Christie – Editorial: Myths of Total Cinema
Ian Christie – Cinema Rising: Epstein in the 20s
Andre S. Labarthe – The Emergence of Epstein
Jean Epstein – The Senses 1 (b)
Jean Epstein – Rhythm and Montage
Jean Epstein – The Lens Itself
Jean Epstein – On Certain Characteristics of Photogénie
Jean Epstein – The Photogenic Element
Jean Epstein – Abel Gance
Jean Epstein – Art of Incidence
Jean Epstein – Some Notes on Poe and Images Endowed with Life
Jean Epstein – The Spirit of Slow Motion
Jean Epstein – Approaches to Truth
Jean Epstein – L’or des mers
Paul Willemen – On Reading Epstein on Photogénie
Bernard Eisenschitz – The Music of Time: From Napoléon to New Babylon
Paul Hammond – Kostrowitzky’s Kinema
Ian Christie – Exile and Cunning: Raúl Ruiz
Malcolm Coad – Great Events and Ordinary People
Ian Christie – Snakes and Ladders: Television Games
Raúl Ruiz – Object Relations in the Cinema
Raúl Ruiz & Jean-Louis Schefer – Image, Memory, Death: Imaginary Dialogues
Ian Christie & Malcolm Coad – Between Institutions: Interview with Raúl Ruiz
Ian Christie – Ruiz Filmography

Afterimage No. 11
Sighting Snow (Winter 1982/83)

Simon Field – Introduction
Simon Field – Michael Snow: A Filmography
Nicky Hamlyn – Seeing Is Believing: Wavelength Reconsidered
Michael Snow & R. Bruce Elder – A Conversation
Michael O’Pray – Framing Snow
Jonathan Rosenbaum – Snowbound: A Dialogue with a Dialogue

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