Thom Andersen in Paris

From Vienna, Thom Andersen will travel to Paris to present a retrospective at Centre Pompidou. “Slow Writing: Thom Andersen on Cinema” will be available at these programmes, and we are very excited to announce that Noël Burch will also attend the screening of Red Hollywood and will be in discussion with Thom after the film. Full schedule below.

Friday 29 September 2017, at 8pm
Thom Andersen, The Thoughts That Once We Had, 2015, 108 min

Saturday 30 September 2017, at 4pm
Thom Andersen, Melting, 
1965, 6 min
Thom Andersen, Olivia’s Place, 1966/74, 6 min
Thom Andersen & Malcolm Brodwick, ––– –––––––, 
1967, 11 min
Thom Andersen, Get Out of the Car, 2010, 34 min
Thom Andersen, The Tony Longo Trilogy, 2014, 14 min
Thom Andersen, A Train Arrives at the Station, 2016, 16 min

Saturday 30 September 2017, at 7pm
Thom Andersen & Noël Burch, Red Hollywood, 1996, 118 min

Sunday 1 October 2017, at 6pm
Thom Andersen, Los Angeles Plays Itself, 2003, 169 min

Wednesday 4 October 2017, at 8pm
Thom Andersen, Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxographer, 1974, 59 min

All screenings will take place in Cinema 2 at the Centre Georges Pompidou, .