VP Recommends 2: Avant 2014

The Visible Press Recommends : Avant 2014

We appreciate that not everyone can be in the New York area for our many Film as Film launch events this September, so we would also like to recommend AVANT 2014, the latest in a wonderful series of annual events organised by Karlstad University in Sweden.

AVANT 2014 is dedicated to the subject of found footage and will feature screenings and performances byĀ Schmelzdahin, JĆ¼rgen Reble & Thomas Kƶner, Matthias MĆ¼ller & Christoph Girardet, Masha Godovannya and others.

Full details and the schedule are online here.

Avant 2014

AVANT is Swedenā€™s first international event entirely focused on experimental film.Ā The first edition (held in 2002) presented a comprehensive retrospective on GunvorĀ Nelson and attracted key figures such as Paul Arthur, Pip Chodorov and Steve Anker.Ā Since then, a broad range of artists and academics, archivists and amateurs gather inĀ Karlstad, Sweden every year.