Seconds in Eternity + Luke Fowler

April 24, 2015 @ 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Stadtkino Basel
Klostergasse 5
4051 Basel

Film as Film: Theory and Practice in the Work of Gregory J. Markopoulos
Seconds in Eternity

Gregory J. Markopoulos, Sorrows, 1969, 6 min
Gregory J. Markopoulos, Gammelion, 1968, 54 min
Artist’s Talk: Luke Fowler: Markopoulos Measures

Following screenings of Sorrows and Gammelion, Luke Fowler (Glasgow) will give an artist’s talk titled “Markopoulos Measures: a personal take on Markopoulos in light of our current digital/film economy”.

Gregory J. Markopoulos, USA, 1969, 16mm, colour, sound, 6 min
The Swiss chateau built for Wagner by King Ludwig II is documented in Sorrows, an in-camera film composed through intricate layers of superimposition.

Gregory J. Markopoulos, USA, 1968, 16mm, colour, sound, 54 min
Markopoulos’ elegant film of the castle of Roccasinibalda in Rieti, Italy, (then owned by patron, publisher and activist Caresse Crosby) employs an intricate system of fades to extend six minutes of footage to an hour of viewing time. This inventive new film form, in which brief images appear amongst measures of black and clear frames, was a crucial step towards Markopoulos’ final work Eniaios (1947-91). Though seemingly an abstract architectural study, Gammelion is based on Julien Gracq’s surrealist novel Chateau d’Argol, and incorporates elements found at the site to represent the characters and events of the book’s narrative.