Peter Gidal in Brussels, October 2016

Peter Gidal will be a special guest of this year’s L’age d’or Festival. Three programmes of Gidal’s films will be shown from 7-10 October 2016 at the Brussels Cinematek. Peter Gidal will be present for the first two screenings, and Mark Webber will attend all three.

The festival’s second retrospective is devoted to Lebanese artists Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreig. In addition to the competition programme, the festival also includes a special focus on US West Coast filmmakers that features Bruce Baillie, Chick Strand, Robert Nelson and others preserved by the Academy Film Archive. It opens with live soundtracks for films by Pierre Clementi and the world premiere of Brecht Debackere’s documentary on Jacques Ledoux’s legendary EXPRMNTL festivals.

Details of the Gidal screenings are below and on the EVENTS page. The complete festival programme can be downloaded from the L’age d’or site.


Friday 7 October 2016, at 9pm
Peter Gidal, Clouds, 1969, 10 min
Peter Gidal, Flare Out, 1992, 20 min
Peter Gidal, Volcano, 2002, 30 min
Peter Gidal, not far at all, 2013, 15 min

Saturday 8 October 2016, at 3pm
Peter Gidal, Hall, 1968-69, 10 min
Peter Gidal, Key, 1968-69, 10 min
Peter Gidal, Room Film 1973, 1973, 46 min (at 18fps)

Sunday 9 October 2016, at 4pm
Peter Gidal, Assumption, 1997, 1 min
Peter Gidal, Epilogue, 1978, 9 min
Peter Gidal, C/O/N/S/T/R/U/C/T, 1974/2016, 13 min
Peter Gidal, Condition of Illusion, 1975, 30 min
Peter Gidal, Coda I, 2013, 2 min
Peter Gidal, Coda II, 2013, 2 min
This programme will be repeated on Monday 10 October 2016, at 6pm.

Peter Gidal’s book Flare Out: Aesthetics 1966-2016 will be on sale in the Cinematek lobby.